Settle- Delights day 7


I have never liked this word.

As a really ‘busy’ young child, I was often told to ‘settle down’. It usually meant I was in trouble and I had to sit. Or be quiet. Or both.

As a young women, people who married less than optimal Loves were told they were ‘settling’…..

I always thought settling was bad…..somewhat less than my explosive nature. If I was settling, life was less adventurous, settling was boring. We must be many things…..we cannot be boring!

But tonight, the first Friday of the New Year, my thoughts have settled. I have nothing to wrap, no parties to attend, nothing to bake, the world (thank God) is no longer on fire.

I am settled.

And I take delight in the fact.

1 thought on “Settle- Delights day 7”

  1. I refer to moments like this as The Great Exhale. It usually settles in at some random moment post-holidays… the realization that all of your obligations are done. It’s just you and that moment. I look forward to it as much as I look forward to all the joys of the holidays.


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