Delights Day 8- Nieces

Our Nieces came over last night. We didn’t do anything spectacular. We ordered sushi, drank tea and watched Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (another delight). They decided to spend the night. I rustled up some pj bottoms, toothbrushes. And even though they are now adults, Hubs always does one last check in.

The nieces are in their 20’s and I love that they decided to spend a Saturday evening with us when they could have been anywhere else. I love that they complain about our always-chilly home and in response Hubs rustles up the space heater. I love that we are significant in each others lives.

They keep me honest and try to keep me hip. When pulling up an Instagram photo, I commented that someone got really bad Botox.

“Aunt Heather, that’s a filter.”

“Oh thank God.”

They tell me I can wear combat boots. I try to make them teach me the Men in Black Tik Tok dance.

What is most delightful is that as I grow older, I realize that relationships with the younger people in my life are still as important as they were when they needed to be picked up from dance practice. It is more of a give and take now- I learn a lot from these strong, younger women.

The call is different, but we all need our tribe, even if it includes a few elders 🙂

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