The Samantha Years

And now we must beat her…..

After a lovely birthday lunch with Aunt T, we went to see Dr. E about Samantha’s junky lungs.

They have been ‘junky‘ for two months. For most it’s not a big deal, just a winter cold. But Samantha doesn’t have the strength to cough up what lands in her lungs.

And that could lead to pneumonia. We don’t like pneumonia.

Dr. E was concerned that the lower lobes of her lungs sound a bit ‘crackly’. So she ordered rubber cups for her chest. The new protocol is that we lightly beat her chest with the rubber cups for ten minutes twice a day….this breaks up the goo that settles in her lower lungs. The rubber-cup-chest-beating is followed by suctioning.

“I hate suctioning.” I told our respiratory therapist.

“Yeah, I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I still don’t like to suction kiddos,” he said.

I told him this bit of information didn’t make me feel any better.

Dr. E and I met Maria for a coffee after our appointment. It’s crazy and so comforting to have such a group at TCH.

Tonight we beat Samantha’s chest for ten minutes. I tired to come up with some sort of rhythmic song to sing but I got nothin‘. She actually liked the chest pounding….I think it kind of tickled….the suctioning? Not so much.

Still no seizures since the fat increase….crazy.

Happy Weekend!

9 thoughts on “And now we must beat her…..”

  1. thanks for wonderful lunch! glad that the appointment w/ dr e was “good”. have fun cupping and suctioning (sounds a little dirty, in a way – well, not really!) love you guys!Aunt T


  2. Hi there…I found your blog through your comment on the Stakerz blog. I must say that the comment you left her was WONDERFUL! I hope she takes your advice! Your daughter is beautiful and she is lucky to have such a proactive momma! I pray that she keeps progressing! Blessings!!Shelby from Texas


  3. Hi Heather,It was great as always to see you for coffee!Jacob LOVES CPT, and I'm sure Sam will get into the funk of it as well!Suctioning is of course something completely different, but you can get used to everything…Take care, my friend! – Maria.


  4. I SUCK! (I mean I'm a suction pro). It doesn't even phase me anymore, although Christian did have a trache so it was part of life. Although, even though he doesn't have a trache anymore I still suction through his nose if he throws up or something. He doesn't like it but I'd rather he be momentarily uncomfortable then hear that crackle.Christian had percussion cups in the hospital and really relaxed to them.


  5. I just read Samantha's story on the sidebar. Wow. What a great mom you are! She is very lucky to be with you, and I wish you all the best.(And this suctioning thing sounds awful. I'm so sorry!)


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