The Samantha Years

I Never Thought….

Tonight Samantha is FOUR!!!

Four years old.
A big girl….
Kind of….
At four I question the life laid in front of us. Our neurologist once said “Well if she’s not walking at 4, there is a good chance that she won’t”
Samantha doesn’t walk…
or talk…
There is a good chance that she won’t
And I’m okay…..and I think she’s okay…
I always thought having a special needs child would be isolating….
No one wants to talk to the family with the child who can’t walk….

Or talk….
But tonight, I am surrounded by the people who love Samantha and who love us.
Who accept our girl for the beautiful four year old she is…
Who stroke her feet…
And her head….
Who keep her cool in the heat…
And who just love her…..
People who reinforce the blessing that she is.
Happy Birthday my sweet girl and thank you to our family and friends…
Thank you for just being there and loving our girl.
And Happy Birthday to the best thing that has ever happened to me.
The Samantha Years

Summer School

Samantha finished summer school on Tuesday.

She has never attended summer school.

I have never been a summer school parent.

Unchartered territory…..

Summer school is a funny little animal because it’s summer and summer is the time when you shouldn’t be in school. The atmosphere is pretty laid back and protocol that happens during the school year just doesn’t happen during the summer….primarily because they don’t have the staffing.

In any other situation, these relaxed circumstances would drive me crazy…..nuts…

Relaxed atmosphere? We are many things in our household but relaxed is hard to come by. We are scheduled, timed, measured and monitored….but not relaxed.

Thank goodness….THANK GOODNESS…our lovely para from the school year, our fabulous Miss Linda volunteered to work summer school and be Samantha’s para.

I hugged her the first day and whispered in her ear “I’m so very glad you’re here for us.”

And meant it with every bone in my body…..down to my pinky-toe bone.

If Miss Linda is watching Samantha, all is good…..the world is right.

Because she loves Samantha and Lil’ Miss loves her right back.

And her cell phone is always in range….ready to take a call from a hysterical Samantha’s Mommy.

I think she needs a super hero cape……Miss Linda….Super Para!

I’m quite serious.

The last couple days she had a side-kick, her daughter Rachel; who loves Samantha just as much.

Once again, how lucky are we?

Here we are with some of Samantha’s buddies on the last day of summer school.

Samantha and the dynamic duo!

Miss you already Miss Linda! See you in August. Love, Samantha

The Samantha Years

Shhhhhhh!!! (By Samantha)

Mama has gotten A LOT of great press lately. Monster Max, The Fisch Tank and Makenzie’s Miracle have all thanked and sang kudos to Mama for riding for the Children’s Hospital and their kids.

This is wonderful….

And thank you for your thank you’s…..

But I have to let you in on a little secret,

Just between you and me…..

Mama LOVES this time of year!!!!

Loves it, loves it, loves it.

When else does Mama get to take off for hours on end? To go on a bike ride?

Mama is also hungry ALL the time and has added Milano Cookies to her ‘training regime’. She has developed a nice tan and FABULOUS biker shorts tan line. She leaves Daddy and I to entertain ourselves for hours on end. Not a bad way to spend a summer, eh?

In regards to raising money for Children’s, the people who should be thanked is all of you for your generous donations and constant messages of support. Did you know because of you, Mama is in the top 40 this year for donations?

Top 40!

That and the lovely Channel 9 commercial have given Mama a big head. Any bigger and we’re going to have to get her a new bike helmet.

I’m not kidding, it’s like an orange on a toothpick*

So thank YOU…..and Mama too…. but really….so much to you… Mama’s out somewhere, with her bike eating gummy bears and working on her funky bike tan

Well that’s a huge noggin’ a virtual planetoid.

P.S.- Name the quoted movie and I’ll send you a subscription to GetBorn! First one wins 🙂

P.S.S- To move Mama even further up in the Courage Classic standing, you can make a donation here.
The Samantha Years

We will build our house

and chop our wood,

and make our garden grow,
and make our garden grow….Candide

I am quite proud of the garden class of 2010.
They seem to be high-performers, over-achievers…

Garden Frog

Cutest Garden Helper

Max…..neighbor’s dog and the 2nd cutest garden helper

Lovely Lily

Bouquet of lavender, basil, mint and rosemary….all from the garden

Feast for the senses…..I am in love