Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

I am Sad about Syria

It’s our favorite Sunday ritual.

Hubs and I sleep in. 

We have breakfast and a pot of coffee and watch ‘Meet the Press’. Sometimes we argue with the TV, the commentators, or each other while we eat our egg sandwiches and prep for the week. 

Today they talked about Syria. 

And I cried. My God, those pictures kill me. They physically cause me pain…the uncovered feet… 

This is not a political post. I don’t care where you sit on this issue politically. 

Where do you sit as a person? At what point in time do we say, as a breathing, thinking, moral person, this is horrific, unacceptable and awfully sad?

1,400+ people were gassed. It is gravest chemical attack in 25 years. Do you know how long that was? I was 17.

And I have no solution. Boots on ground? Military strike? I have no idea. 

But I know I am sad. 

And I think it is okay for us, as a society, to be sad, to voice our sadness, and not have any solution at all. 

We don’t always have the answers. 

This, by the way is why I’m not president, or a member of the congress, so I can just be sad without a solution. Because I could totally be president.


And it’s not to say I was sad the whole day. I shed tears over my coffee and went onto have a lovely day. 

Perhaps that is what living with a grief you cannot solve does to you. Everyday I am sad about a situation I cannot solve. I am sad about my daughter….not all day everyday….but at sometime during the day, there is a pang I cannot heal. 

We cannot solve what happened on August 21st. It is out of our control. But we can react, as compassionate people and voice that this is wrong. Even if we only talk to friends and family, we recognize that the inhumanities of the world make us hurt. They hurt. 

And I think that’s okay. Maybe I, .as a free-thinking person can say this is wrong, this is so wrong it hurts my soul. And maybe we talk about it…. that’s all I know what to do….and maybe that’s okay

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