Life Today

Own your dirtbagginess

This might come as a bit of a surprise….

But there were a few instances in my young adulthood where I was a bit of a dirtbag. 

Only a few. 

And just a tad 🙂 

So I am somewhat empathetic to those who find themselves making bad choices. My reaction is not a judgement but more of a ‘oof…..that’s going to hurt.’ and ‘this too shall pass’ combo. 

But there comes a time when you just need to own your mistake. When you need to say to the world, ‘That move I just made? That was a dirtbag move and I’m sorry. It’s not really me, it’s just a move. Please forgive my act of dirtbagginess.’

And the World, having experienced many dirtbag moments, is usually forgiving. 

But you gotta own it. 

It’s when you sweep it under the rug that things get messy. Dirtbags tend to grow with lies. 

I was sad to hear that four Olympic swimmers were robbed at gun point. But I was floored when I heard that it was fabricated in order to hide a night of decisions that could have been better. 

Because most of us understand a night of bad decisions. 

Many of us have wee’d in a public place after too many Pisco Sours. 

My public wee’ing however has usually been outside of the convenience store, not inside next to the Funyuns. 

Reason number one is that consuming a bag of Funyons was going to be my next bad decision. 
Reason number two is that public urination is frowned upon in any circumstance, but particularly nasty inside a public place.  

But we probably would have turned an eye. It would have been a stink eye but we would have turned it. 

We would have been disappointed with the bathroom door and belligerent behavior but we still may have purchased the box of Wheaties with your face on it. 

Because Wheaties are delicious

Not really.

But the trifecta was to lie to the world. 

And to lie to Matt Lauer. Matt Lauer! Which is like telling your best friend’s Dad you don’t know who bought the beer for the party and threw up on the cat as you are hiding your fake id in your shoe. Alas, I can stomach many things…….

Many of us have had night. We have had to come to the table the next morning with our dirtbagginess and own it. 

We have not been in the spotlight that these four swimmers are in but ownership and apology go a long way and many of us respect that. 

I however have no respect for wee’ing next to the Funyons and then saying that your cousin did it. 

And ya’ll know how I feel about Matt. 

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