The Samantha Years

Fighting the Good Fight

Every evening…..

After Samantha has been cath’d, changed into her pj’s, the oxygen turned on, the meds delivered, her tube site cleaned, formula prepared and the feeding pump primed and ready for the night….

…..her Daddy leans down, kisses her head and says “Good night Samantha, keep fighting the good fight.”

This is part of our routine….just as important as oxygen, just as vital as seizure meds….keep fighting the good fight.

Sometimes (not often but sometimes!) he will forget and just kiss her head. “You have to tell her,” I’ll say. “She can’t go to bed until you tell her.” He will then give her double kiss and remind of her nightly task. Between you and me, I think he forgets on purpose just to kiss her cute little forehead again.

Yep….just as important as oxygen.

5 thoughts on “Fighting the Good Fight”

  1. Here's to all the daddy's out there. I fully believe Max wouldn't have pulled through without my husband roaring in his ear while we were in the PICU…yes a raspy whispering ROAR every few hours. He would lean over and say, roar buddy…you can make it…show them how strong you are. He would do that every day for a month. While Max was seizing non-stop, while they put him into a medicine induced coma, while he was intubated, and once he coughed the tube out. They have a very different relationship, than I have with Max. A tough one…they are both strong. They go fast, and play hard, and they laugh and giggle, and they roar. Beautiful post Heather! Let's hear it for the dads!


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