The Samantha Years

Drama Lama bo Bama

Living in northern Colorado, the balloon boy drama has unfolded in our backyard. I admit I am guilty to reading the TMZ posts as I check my email. I watched the news this evening, reporting ‘breaking news’ about the family…..

Yes, I am guilty to succumbing to this media fiasco.

There is something different about this story however…..As a family who lives in a constant state of drama, it’s hard for me to imagine someone wanting to create MORE drama for themselves.

My hubby asked me last year what I wanted for Christmas……

“I no longer want to be the family that consistently receives sympathy or get well flowers” (this was after Bart’s father passed away and I had accepted our 5th sympathy arrangement)

Don’t get me wrong. If you would like to send me flowers I will GLADLY accept them…..‘no get well’ or ‘thinking of you flowers’ please…just ‘Wow! I loved your kitten heal pumps! flowers’…those would be good.

We would love to be the boring couple down the street.

So it is hard for me imagine someone inviting a circus into their house.

I have a small overnight bag packed in the car (at all times!) in case we have an emergency trip to Children’s and I need a clean pair of undies.

So it is hard for me to imagine someone staging a situation where there child is in jeopardy.

AND (this hits close to home!) we rely on the emergency services of Larimer County to be here at a moments notice should we need them.

So it is hard for me to imagine someone planning a situation that take 80 different Larimer County EMS teams out service while they look for a balloon with no balloon boy.

Yes, Samantha’s Mom has succumbed to the BB hype. So I say no more! This was about getting attention for a reality show? Alrighty then, no more Rock of Love, Wife Swap, Nanny 911, Hell’s Kitchen, Toddler and Tiaras, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, or Jon and Kate Plus Eight for this stay at home mom… sireeeee.

I’m focusing on other drama….we had a lovely weekend (pics to be posted!), the Snider family welcome beautiful baby boy Porter….named after my Great Grandma Nonnie. And Get Born friend welcome Baby Opal at her home birth…..

Good drama…solid drama….positive drama….life….you can’t make that up…no matter HOW many CNN trucks you call.

Do I really have to give up Rock of Love?

4 thoughts on “Drama Lama bo Bama”

  1. AMEN my friend – the balloon drama is just too much! Well put on taking up precious resources! Shame on that family!! What are they teaching their kids???As you know – my wish for the year 2010 is no drama – just plain old boring life. I know you would welcome it like we would! So, I will try to cut reality t.v. out also….except for Rock of Love…


  2. Heidi, you took the words out of my fingers (mouth) literally. I was going to write, Amen sister!! Anyway, totally agree w/ Heather. Ridiculous family!!!! Rock of Love… really!! Escape another way, please, both of you 🙂 Love you!


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