The Samantha Years

Weekends Part One

Somewhere in between hospital stays, therapy, dirty laundry, seizures, meds, tube feedings, and oxygen…..

You have to live your life.

You have to celebrate the big things

Like Amy and Shawn tying the knot.

You have to gather the village….

Even if members of the village are having some issues.

Small issues, like an upset tummy

Or much bigger issues like TWO broken legs….

Or big issues like a herniated disk…

Which means you have to watch the ceremony like this….

Or like this….Our village seems to be a little worse for the wear and is now accepting applications for a Medicine Man/Woman, any takers?

Because even if you’re not on your ‘A’ game, how can you not celebrate when approached by the Father of the Bride?

Who just happens to be wearing his dancing shoes

Oh Yeah….

And you hang out with people like this….

and of course Hubby Bubby

The rest of the Fam

My lovely ‘sister’…

And kindred spirit

Along the way you look out at this beautiful place and this beautiful time and even if your back isn’t quite right or you have not one but two broken legs or if you tummy is bloated and angry… doesn’t seem to matter as much.

This seems to matter a little more. Because it’s much nicer if we don’t have to do it on our own.

7 thoughts on “Weekends Part One”

  1. Nice post sweet cheeks, it makes me a bit wedding sappy. I'm glad you all managed to enjoy such a beautiful event despite some b-games. I love that pic of you & hubby…and Steamboat too. I'm also in the market for a good medicine man or women-any sweat lodge will do 😉


  2. At Max's 18 month check-up, his pediatrician told us, so far, you've been keeping him alive…now it's time to live. It's a good reminder that in the middle of all the stuff, we have to slow down and enjoy the life we have! I'm so happy you all got to have such a wonderful time! Your photos say joy joy joy!


  3. It's great seeing all your smiling faces — even that upside down one!! . . . Glad your Dad was able to be there at the wedding. I know it was an important event in the “circle!” We are certainly missing them this week. So, find that medicine man!!Love you all!!


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